Claire Westwood – The Seaside CEO

Claire Westwood – The Seaside CEO

Are you 40+ and wondering what has happened to YOU and Your Life?

Are you feeling the call to step up and make your difference in this unsettled world?

You’ve done a variety of personal and spiritual development work, attended lots of courses and workshops… yet….. life isn’t turning out the way you’d hoped……

Maybe you feel like you are living a life you don’t want, or you are being someone you don’t want to be any more.

We are the ones we are waiting for – new types of leaders – open, honest and interested in community, are you ready to step out and really change what is going on in the world?

Midlife can feel like a massive time of transition, and it is, it’s a GOOD thing!

The great news about midlife, is that you can re-discover yourself, then create a life you love around the REAL you. Midlife Mavericks – the new paradigm for midlife.

I’m Claire Westwood, The Seaside CEO & Mentor for Midlife Mavericks, and I have a guide to help you take the first steps towards embracing the Midlife Maverick Mission-led Lifestyle.

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