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Bev Hepting

An experienced and expert speaker.

The joy I get, interviewing women in business, is huge. Sharing your story with other women in business helps us to work together and network to overcome our fear of speaking in public. From small start ups to women running large multi national companies, we have all started in the same way. We have all learnt to speak to our future clients.

I would love to interview you, or be interviewed by you and to share our stories with our listeners.

As a public speaking trainer, I’ve helped hundreds of people with the same fears and anxieties. Many moons ago, I began my journey at a top Theatre Academy, training to be an actress. Since then, I’ve become highly qualified, I’ve spoken at small events and global conferences, I’ve been involved in TV and Radio, and I’ve coached countless students.

My Qualifications

  • Diploma Theatre and Voice
  • Degree in Media Production
  • Level 7 in Leadership
  • NLP Master Practitioner

I work with business women across a range of industries, and my 6 step system has transformed their lives. Ultimately, my public speaking training has improved their public speaking skills and allowed them to let go of their public speaking fear.

I would love to come and speak at your event or talk more about how we can work together. Do go and listen to other peoples stories or find out more about me.




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